Salon Daguerre 2019

12th Salon Daguerre 2019

Dear Photographers,

The Salon Daguerre 2018 edition was a wonderful one. We went all over the world within a few weeks while staying in Paris. We received almost 8000 pictures.

So, we did it again. The 12th Salon Daguerre is now open for submissions.

This is once again a great opportunity to submit your images to an international jury and to receive  medals and trophies from well-known photographic sponsors (PSA, FIAP, FPF…) and – last but not least – to win a prize (250€ for the best author, 500€ for the best club).

You will be able to compete for up to 5 categories:

  • 2 classical themes: “open monochrome” and “open color”
  • 3 additional specific themes: “The frame within the frame”, “Games of Shadow”, “Street photography”

Submissions are opened here until May 6th  2019.

The full competition entry rules is available here. Previous competitions best artworks are visible here (2018), here (2017) and here (2015).

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See you soon,

Daguerre Team