11th Salon Daguerre 2018 results

Thanks a lot for your participation to the 11th Salon Daguerre-digital edition. Not less than 7806 photographs were received. We are pleased about this dynamic and with the diversity of submitted pictures.

The judgment took place on the weekend of May 5 and 6, 2018 with 7806 photos. Our five judges rated each photo from 0 to 9. The final score of each digital photo is between 0 and 45 points. Of the 7806 photos judged, 2103 (26.9%) were accepted and 64 received awards (medals, ribbons, favorite picture…).


Best Author and Best Club Awards

11th Salon Daguerre Best Author is Pierre Pedelmas from France with 13 accepted photos for a total of  321 points. He wins 250€, congratulations!
11th Salon Daguerre Best Club is Jiangxi Tianren image club from Nanchang, China, with a score of 256 points on the 8 best photos among their 111 accepted photos. The Club wins 500€, congratulations!


The 11th Salon Daguerre 2018 catalog is available for download (13MB):

Catalog 11th Salon Daguerre 2018

See you for 12th Salon Daguerre in 2019!