Salon Daguerre 2017

Results 2017

The Salon Daguerre closed and now it is time to announce the results.

We received great quality pictures and we thank you all for your participation.

Judgment of the printed images took place on February 11-12th. We received a total of 622 images. Every image has been rated between 1 and 10 by the three judges. The final score for each image is then comprised between 3 and 30.

Judgment of the digital salon took place on February 18-19th. We received a total of 2706 photos. Every photo has been rated between 0 and 9 by the three judges. The final score for each photo is then comprised between 0 and 27.

Among the 3328 evaluated photos, 818 have been accepted (24.6%) and 86 received awards.

Digital/projected images section

  • Open theme-monochrome (PSA PID mono): 976 photos received, 228 accepted (23.4%)
  • Open theme-color (PSA PID color): 1 110 photos received, 280 accepted (25.2%)
  • “In the city” (PSA PID mono or color): 620 photos received, 153 accepted (24.7%)

Print section

  • Open theme-monochrome (PSA print mono): 231 photos received, 56 accepted (24.2%)
  • Open theme-color (PSA print color): 282 photos received, 72 accepted (25.5%)
  • “Travel” (PSA): 109 photos received, 29 accepted (26.6%)

Results have been sent to participants by email on Feb 26, 2017. The official catalogue will be available on this page, starting April 17, 2017.

Gallery  of accepted photos


The official catalogue can be downloaded here: Catalogue 10ème Salon Daguerre