Salon Daguerre 2022

The judges 2022

Gautier Van Lieshout

Gautier Van Lieshout

At only 23 years old, Gautier Van Lieshout already has brilliant references. In 2017, his work “Le Temps des Femmes”, presented at several exhibitions in Paris, showed the various sides of his talent.

This image creator, who is primarily dedicated to transmitting emotions with black and white work, appreciates above all ambitious projects. His previous theme put women at the center of social, political, human relations… News shows the relevance of her sensitivity and his points of view.

“New Humans” is also one of his audacious, even perilous photographic adventures: describing the desires, expectations and uncertainties of the personalities of the world today. This, by taking provocative positions, at the risk of destabilizing. An attitude which clearly shows the attention he pays to his predecessors: let us quote Helmut Newton, David Lachapelle or Bettina Rheims.

His project fully declined from its different angles, he brings together the partners who will allow him to build the worlds he stages. Passionate about the studio, he develops his characters with actors, make-up artists, etc …

This teamwork is a central element of his research and a foundation of his talent. Author above all, this environment allows to fuel his creativity, to validate and develop his concepts, to refine his vision. For his part, he reserves the lighting, the pose, the shooting, the image processing and the staging.

This method is paying off. In addition to the hanging on the rails and the comments of the critics, in July 2020, the magazine Photo publishes it for the creation of a photo taken from a personal work; this monthly magazine thus recognizes him for the second time among the first 100 photographers of the selection of the year. 

His exhibitions have been reported by Normal Magazine. Since then, Vogue Italy and the Swedish site 1x have published its production.

For this connoisseur of the performing arts – cinema, theater – photography turns out to be the synthesis of the means of expression. It allows him to conceive a strong message, to explore its variations, to bring together energies, to produce his emotional vectors in large formats, then to reach large audiences. Mechanics at the service of a glance.

Today, Gautier Van Lieshout focuses his research on the field of health. In 2019, he participated in a group exhibition, “Pour Line”, a project that highlights a woman with breast cancer. Following this, the Merck Health France group entrusted him in 2020 with a campaign called “Multiple Sclerosis and Maternity”, a project that he will lead with 11 young mothers who are struggling with their disease.

Angelo Di Tommaso

Angelo Di Tommaso
Angelo Di Tommaso

I started taking pictures in 1990, after taking an image education course in high school; almost immediately, I discover the darkroom where I develop and print my black and white photos.

In 1991, I joined the FIAF (Italian Federation of Photographic Associations), FIAP (International Federation of Photographic Art), in 1994, PSA (Photographic Society of America), in 1997 at ISF (Image Sans Frontières) and in 1999 at the Image Photoclub in Rome. Since 1993, I regularly participate in photographic competitions both in Italy, France and abroad with good results, 1500 acceptances and 200 awards and nominations.

  • APSA (active member of P.S.A.) in 1996
  • Youth sector manager I.S.F. 1998-2001
  • A.F.I. (Italian Photography Artist) in 2000
  • AFIAP (Artist of the International Federation of Photographic Art) in 2012
  • EFIAP (Excellence of the International Federation of Photographic Art) in 2014
  • EFIAP / b (Excellence of the International Federation of Photographic Art level
  • Bronze) in 2017
  • EFIAP / s (Excellence of the International Federation of Photographic Art level
  • Silver) in 2019
  • AFPF and EFPF (Artist and Excellence of the FPF) in 2020
  • EFIAP / g (Excellence of the International Federation of Photographic Art Gold level) in 2020
  • FPF Ambassador in 2021

In the early years of amateur photography, I devoted myself to landscape photography and reportage, until I discovered a passion for portraiture and artistic nude.

One of my photos was selected for the production of the 1996 FIAF calendar.

My work has been published by the most important Italian and French photo magazines (Fotografia Reflex, Fotografare, Tutti Fotografi, Progresso Fotografico, Chasseur images, Réponses photo) and in several books published by the FIAF.

In 1997, I joined the “Who’s Who in photography PSA” and some of my photographs are part of the historical archives of the FIAF, I.S.F, FPF and private.

I have, to my credit, about fifty solo exhibitions and about a hundred group exhibitions. From 2001 to 2006, I participated in the PSA “European Portfolio” and in 2003 I was invited to present these photos in France at the “Salon 24 d’Eté” in Le Lonzac (Corrèze) as a guest of honor. In 2009, I exhibited my photos again at the “Gayant International Photography Meetings” in Douai, always as a guest of honor.

In 2010 with friends I founded the photo club Fotoamatori Sangro Aventino in Italy where I was president until May 2014; very quickly the club becomes one of the most important in Italy, we organize national and international fairs.

In June 2014, I started a new adventure in my life by moving to Meurthe et Moselle.

I immediately joined the SNCF Yutz Thionville club and the FPF; in 2016 I joined the prestigious GEPHO group (European Group of PHOTOgraphes).

Valérie Simonnet

Valérie Simonnet
Valérie Simonnet

I am an urban photographer. If my universe is urban, it is because it is essentially human. The relationship between man and his universe, the source of exile and of crushing, touches me particularly.

I wonder about the world we have built for ourselves and do not always find it to suit us. 

I don’t believe in photographic objectivity. The truth that I am trying to approach is certainly not that of the world but much more modestly mine. My images have been called interior landscapes and this is probably my favorite definition of my work.

Each image has no other purpose than to try to convey, to bring before my eyes an emotion, a thought, an inner feeling. The only truth I am looking for is correctness in relation to me. Not cheating with what you are is already an adventure more than difficult and which, curiously, allows you to meet others. My near and far Paris would be timeless.

I have always been a photographer but I have exhibited since 2008.

Instagram:  @simonnetvalerie

Recent exhibitions

  • Nos paris, galerie des photographes, juin 2021
  • Voyageuse d’hiver, Librairie d’Odessa, juin 2021
  • La tentation de la chair, Festival Phémina, septembre 2020
  • Ma vie en 16/9, Crypte St Merry, été  2020
  • Somewhere, Galerie Hillemand Paris, mars 2020
  • Escape game, festival Les photographiques du Mans, mars 2019
  • Polar, librairie Odessa, juin 2017
  • Au-delà du regard, Galerie du Montparnasse, novembre 2016
  • Admiration, Fiap Jean Monnet, novembre 2014
  • Défaites, Galerie du Montparnasse, décembre 2012
  • La chute, Nuit blanche, juin 2011
  • Espace partagé, Science-Po urbanisme, novembre 2010
  • Le Temps suspendu, Apollo, janvier 2010
  • Moderne solitude, Apollo, octobre 2008    
  • Dissolution, Centre culturel Marc Sangnier, novembre 2008


  • Voyageuse d’hiver, auto-édition, avril 2021
  • Peut-il y avoir un nu féminin ?  Conférence, octobre 2020
  • Openeye, numéro hors série, septembre 2020
  • Ma vie en 16/9, auto-édition, mai 2020
  • Qui a peur des femmes photographes, édition la route de la soie, juin 2018
  • Niepcebook n°8, Corridor éléphant, mai 2018
  • Revue Ornata, numéro 3, mars 2017
  • La rue parleProvocateur, octobre 2016
  • L’image de soi, Ecole Ganenou, juin 2011    
  • PluieDéclic magazine, 14 pages, février 2010
  • Bhoutan, Bout du monde, mensuel de voyage, juin 2008
  • Ladakh, Bout du monde, mensuel de voyage, septembre 2008