Salon Daguerre 2017

Thank you for your participation to Salon Daguerre

Dear authors,

Thank you for participating in the 10th Daguerre Salon. You have received your results individually; you can now find them on our web site:

A few words to end the Salon.

Thank you! Thank you for your participation. Thanks to you, the Salon exists.

Thank you for your messages. Thanks to them, we feel carried and encouraged to continue improving this Salon. This edition was for the 1st time paper and digital and was a double challenge: double entry rules, double judgment, double exposure / projection …

For this first mixed paper and digital edition, we received 3328 photos, 818 photos were accepted, we rewarded 86 photos, with an acceptance rate of 25%.

The exhibition in Paris was the highlight of the Salon with your accepted printed pictures hooked or, for your digital pictures, projected all day long on a big screen for ten days, in the large and beautiful of Art Deco style room. Nearly 1500 visitors came to see the exhibition for ten days, with three major events accompanied by music (Latin America, Blues, Gospel).

you will find as well on our website some pictures taken during the Salon.

We wish you good photos in the coming months, and the whole team is counting on you to compete next year with even greater success!

The Daguerre team.